Enhance human resources finding the key to success thanks to effective communication.

The didactical training in non verbal analogic communication allows an immediate knowledge of the quickest and most practical techniques to face any situation within a company, in sales, in management and in recruitment.
This communicative technique is so quick and powerful as it is based on the knowledge of emotional dynamisms present in each individual.


  • Improve self-esteem
  • Increase charisma and leadership
  • Get to know non-verbal communication in order to understand the emotional language of our speaker
  • Tune in with co-workers, colleagues, clients in order to start an efficient communication
  • Unmask lies and omissions
  • Understand the real needs of other people
  • Increase our own potentialities

Tailored courses for different corporate areas

  • Practical techniques in order to quickly operate in a sale, in the relationship with clients, in recruitment, in human resources, in leadership management.

The Analogic Sale
Obtaining Consent
The Analogic Manager
CID-CNV is available to evaluate the most suitable courses for your needs and to fulfil your specific needs according to defined objectives.

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The didactic training in non-verbal analog communication allows immediate knowledge of the techniques faster and more pragmatic to face any situation in business, sales, management, and personnel management.

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