Leadership is not a synonym of management.
It is something superior.
It is the ability to steer the business and to address all resources towards the achievement of common organisational objectives.

The Leader is the one who can give the company the edge to be the winner in a world in which social changes, technological innovation and competition create a continuously evolving framework.
There are many proposals of bibliography and courses on leadership, but none of them deal really practically with the methodologies that allow to keep the personnel highly motivated, to restore and fulfil expectations, to create team-work in order to optimise communication among all members and avoid internal conflicts, to accomplish an efficient recruitment choosing people whose psychological and personal structures are in tune with the duties required.
You can get all this during our “Analogic Manager Course”, a course that will give you innovative tools and methodologies and that will amaze you. The modern manager has to know the emotional levers that rule the individual’s behaviour.


The objective of this course is to let you know the dynamisms of analogic communication that allow to optimise human resource management and to carry out a good recruitment both during the hiring process and during the choice of people according to their psychological structure.


  • Leadership introduction: winning reference models.
  • P.E.R.: Positive Empathic Relationship.
  • Operative tools: Non-Verbal and Symbolic Communication in order to outline a winning communication.
  • The 8 access keys to human emotionality
  • How to create a winning work team
  • Recruitment: the right person in the right position
  • The power of analogic service to get the best out of your team
  • Theoretical, practical and experiential workshop


  • The course will last 1 or 2 days lasting 7 didactical hours each, divided between theory and practice.
  • Number of participants: from 15 to 20

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The didactic training in non-verbal analog communication allows immediate knowledge of the techniques faster and more pragmatic to face any situation in business, sales, management, and personnel management.

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