• Having completed the whole A.P.S. training;
  • Having re-attended, for free, the three Master courses which compose the A.P.S. protocol. Re-attending these courses has to be considered as “internship” on the topics dealt in each Master course;
  • Upon the re-attendance, the candidate has to introduce two new enrolled students with whom to share the experiential workshop. In case this obligation is not respected, he has to supplement his fee with a sum of €1000 (V.A.T. included); In case the candidate presents only one new enrollment, he has to pay a sum of €500 (V.A.T. included);
  • Having attended the  Professional Master for Analogic Coaches.

The LICENCE OF ANALOGIC COACH will allow the candidate not only to practise the techniques and the methodologies learnt on himself and on the others, but also the possibility to pass on, through teaching, the Analogic Disciplines of Stefano Benemeglio, included in the Analogic Program System (A.P.S.) training protocol.
Before completing the whole training process, the candidate is considered as a simple witness of the Analogic Disciplines of Stefano Benemeglio. This role allows him to use the techniques learnt on himself and in his work, but not to pass on any information through teaching. This ability is reserved to Stefano Benemeglio and to the Analogic Coaches certified by him, a qualification acquired only and exclusively at the end of the training program with the issue of the official licence.  
The witness can take advantage of the possibility of writing on his business cards and on all advertising material connected to his person, the term “witness of the Analogic Disciplines of Stefano Benemeglio”, but not the logo A.P.S. or any other connected logos.
Once obtained the licence of Analogic Coach, the person will have the possibility to organise courses, conferences, seminars and workshops on Analogic Disciplines.
There are no territorial restrictions on the use of the licence. It is valid internationally and it allows the practice of concessions included everywhere in the world, without any territorial restrictions.
In order to keep their licence valid, Analogic Coaches must attend the annual updates proposed by Stefano Benemeglio himself, attending the events organised on purpose.
One of the main objectives of Stefano Benemeglio and of the institutions connected to him is to keep a high quality standard for their Coaches through a high level training thanks to the Analogic Program System (A.P.S.).
The Analogic Disciplines are constantly evolving, mainly because their starting point is the observation and the study of the surrounding reality, highly changeable itself. That is why we have the necessity and the will to have on-going training for our Analogic Coaches. 
To be an Analogic Coach means to be professionals of well being: success, well being and quality of life are his starting points and a real philosophy of life, through which to help others free their potentiality and set out towards happiness.

For the legal details connected to the licence, please contact the organising institution.
The above mentioned requirements can be changed at the discretion of Stefano Benemeglio and of the institutions connected to him.

Length of course: 3 days
Price: €. 3.000 (V.A.T. included)


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