The CID CNV Institute of Analogic Psychology and Dynamic Hypnosis of Benemeglio is a training institute whose mission is to spread and foster the Analogic Disciplines of Stefano Benemeglio and its value is appreciated and recognised all over Italy.  
Founded in 1978 by Stefano Benemeglio nowadays it represents one of the main training channels, not only for the clear added value of its training programme, but above all for the strong tangible character of all of Benemeglio’s disciplines, which are the core and main objective of this Institute, and that can be found in all contexts of our surrounding daily life.
The objective of the Institute is hence to train and educate, all over Italy and abroad, future Analogic Coaches, through a prestigious training protocol called Analogic Program System (A.P.S.).
Designed and implemented ad hoc by Stefano Benemeglio, A.P.S. is the result of field studies and researches of over 40 years, that is to say it is a condensation of his main discoveries on communicative dynamics and their connected mental transfers and expressions.
The cutting edges of Benemeglio’s protocol, addressed exclusively to the future Analogic Coaches, are the model of Analogic Communication, as a useful and efficient tool to become a successful communicator, the Analogic Phylosophy, that lays the epistemological basis for the whole analogic system, and Dynamic Hypnosis of Benemeglio, both the arrival and the starting point for the deep understanding of mental dynamics that rule human actions.
At present, the Institute  CID CNV and A.I.D.A., the International Academy of Analogic Disciplines of Stefano Benemeglio, founded in his honour in  2008 and of which he is the honorary president, represent , within the Italian context, the main engines for spreading and fostering  the theses, studies and the philosophy of Benemeglio.
Within the international overview, the CID CNV aims to be the top representative, unique for analogic training, as well as the main ambassador of the concepts of happiness , well being, quality of life all promoted by Stefano Benemeglio.

This is CID CNV: the door to analogic training.
Thanks to Stefano Benemeglio and his training protocol, the Analogic Program System becomes synonym of flexibility and adaptability: well being and a better quality of life, which is a craved aim and the main reason for this type of training, are connected to the most varied areas of daily life of each person. To achieve them means to finally become director of your own life and no longer a part of the audience.

Contact us: info@analogicprogramsystem.com
via Battistotti Sassi, 6
20133, MILAN (ITALY)
Phone. +39 02 70124751
FAX. +39 02 70124780


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The didactic training in non-verbal analog communication allows immediate knowledge of the techniques faster and more pragmatic to face any situation in business, sales, management, and personnel management.

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