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Reaching success does not mean only being able to communicate efficiently towards others, but rather being able to communicate with ourselves. No communicative strategy can work if you let your problems put you down. )that's the reason why the Analogic Philosophy and its principles come towards us: making a real trip within yourself, you will be able not only to understand the mechanisms that rule sensitivity, but also learn to wisely use the propulsive energies of courage and motivation present inside yourself. You will be able to be closer to your objectives and you will learn that happiness means to follow your own dreams in total freedom and in peace with your conscience.
Break down the obstacles that prevent you to
Be and to have what you want!

Success is suitable for all, if you have ambition and a correct strategy of communication. Being able to communicate effectively, in fact, makes our path towards the realization of our dreams easier. Analogic communication is synonym of emotional communication and, as such, it is a valid tool that if used wisely, lets you change in a short time your objectives in goals! Learning to know the alphabet of the unconscious of a person in front of you and being able to use it strategically, will open for you the doors of approval and consent so longed for.
Remember: those who ask are losers, those who obtain are winners!

The study of hypnosis and of the intimate communicative non-verbal mechanisms will let you discover the laws and the rules that manage man’s sensitivity. During this step of the workshop you will be able to give a pragmatic character to emotional languages learnt through analogic communication, an intense experiential studies. You will then be able to communicate with your unconscious and negotiate with your emotional side to reach Well being and a better
Quality of Life!

CID CNV Instite of Analogic Psychology and of Dynamic Hypnosys presents the first event based on
Effective Communication as in the Analogic Disciplines by Stefano Benemeglio.

Effective Communication is a synonym of well-being and quality of life:
enough with anxiety, fears, insecurities and difficulties that prevent you from deciding freely and from conquering your dreams.
Here is EMOTIONAL SYSTEM: the first workshop in the world that includes the principles
of the Analogic Phylosophy by Benemeglio and proposes a concept of happiness totally linked to our sensitivity:
“happiness means to follow your own dreams in total freedom and in peace with your conscience” (S. Benemeglio)

Participate to EMOTIONAL SYSTEM:
Learn with Stefano Benemeglio how to manage your emotions through unconscious language:
a new system to communicate with yourself and others in order to reach all your goals!

Finally become the DIRECTOR of your life!

Imagine a happy future, in which well-being and a better quality of life can let you achieve your objectives and your dreams in all areas: in sentimental and loving relationships as well as in self fulfillment and in your professional career, up to the ability of showing leadership and being able to fascinate the people around you…

Take the opportunity to EMOTIONAL SYSTEM :
You will learn to use strategic reactions and no more emotional ones to face difficulties and obstacles.
Learn to be director and no more the audience of your life, to be the artist that shapes it according to your dreams, your colours and your tools!