The acquisition of psychological influence over our speakers is the objective of every businessperson and every individual.

Communication is interactive when there is a mutual exchange of services, it is manipulating when you are subject to extortion in order to satisfy a need. Convincing communication allows us to decode and manage in real-time the main emotional languages expressed by our speaker during a dialogue.

Persuading means starting a perfect interactive relationship with our speaker. The objectives of this course are leadership, the influence of communication beyond speech, the potential of fascination, seduction and persuasion.

Obtaining consent is necessary in all relationships and in different areas as:
  • Sales
  • Human Resources Management
  • Managing Sector
  • Public Relations
  • Staff training


Being able to define the communicative model, instinctively or arranged during the relationship, in order to manage communication and to discover the mechanisms that rule interaction in relationships in order to spot lies, consent or denial.


  • Identifying criteria of communication: informative, interactive, manipulative.
  • Analogic communication through dystonia, counter-position and antithesis.
  • Symbolical Communication: bar, circle, triangle.
  • 8 symbolical types.
  • 8 access keys to human sensitivity.
  • Non-verbal signals of stress, satisfaction and denial.
  • Fulfilments and disadvantages.
  • Theoretical, practical and experiential workshop.


  • The course will last 1 or 2 days each of 7 didactical hours, divided between theory and practice.
  • Number of participants: from 15 to 20

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The didactic training in non-verbal analog communication allows immediate knowledge of the techniques faster and more pragmatic to face any situation in business, sales, management, and personnel management.

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